What follows is a short list my wife, Joyelle, and I compiled while overseas for two weeks in Ireland at the end of last month. It contains direct word differences between what people in the United States generally call things and what the Irish call them.

Disclaimers: For the most part, these are just preferences; it’s not that the Irish word is never heard in the States and vice versa. Also, I understand that many of these are not specific to Ireland, and may also be common in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

United States – Republic of Ireland
fries – chips
chips – crisps
speed bumps – ramps
shrimp – prawns
line – queue
gas – petrol
trash – litter
GPS – sat-nav
tires – tyres
newspapers – newsagents
bar – pub
cookies – biscuits
candy – sweets
ATM receipt – advice slip
take-out – take-away
passing – overtaking
vacation – holiday
for rent – to let
restroom/bathroom – toilet
bus – coach
check (like in a restaurant) – bill
bill (like for your cable TV) – license
“Great!” – “Grand!”
“Thank you very much!” – “Thanks a million!”
“That is interesting!” – “Brilliant!”

In a related story, no one said “Top of the morning” to me the whole time we were over there, and that was horribly disappointing.

So what do you think? Are there any we missed?

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