15th Fox Film Festival Official Trailer from Fox Film Festival on Vimeo.

In the next Newberg Graphic, I’ll have a report on this weekend’s Fox Film Festival, a two-night event of first-time screenings and awards being handed out to the best George Fox University student movies from the past year. Just from what I’ve seen so far, I would say that most of the work falls into the yes-they-were-made-for-classes-but-they’re-still-pretty-awesome category.

Check out the festival preview above just to get a taste for what these kids can do. Here’s their schedule:

Friday at The Cameo Theater
Tickets are $4 for one or $6 for two | for sale at the door or through GFU

4:00 pm – Doors Open

4:30 pm – 3 min – Generational Anthem

4:33 pm – 6 min – The Hug

4:39 pm – 10 min – Draw Don’t Speak

4:49 pm – 5.5 min – Hourglass

4:54 pm – 7 min – Nerds

5:01 pm – 4 min – In The Mood

5:05 pm – 4 min – Red Riding Hood Re-Mixed

5:09 pm – 20 min – Timothy Truelove’s Date With Destiny

5:30 pm – Ends with collection of people’s choice award vote collection, along with DVD and t-shirt sales.

Saturday at Bauman Auditorium

5:30-6:30 – Red-Carpet Celebration
6:30-9:00 – Award Ceremony

The Last Cookie
The Chase
While We Wait

Balloon Head
Juniors Abroad 2012: India

Thanks to Carissa Gobble, chairwoman of the student committee that puts this on every year, for getting that schedule to me. Also be sure to visit the festival’s Facebook page for more information.

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