A bit of accidental worship heresy during Sunday’s service at our church, Bethany Evangelical Free, which is normally pretty solid doctrinally. The song in question is Todd Fields’ “Let Me Sing.”

accidental heresy

This never happened back when we had hymnals, now did it?

6 thoughts on “Accidental worship heresy

  1. Not with hymnals, but Scripture taken out of context can yield similar results. I am told students at Bethel college have been known to quote this: Amos 4:4 “Go to Bethel and sin; go to Gilgal and sin yet more.”

  2. There were misprints in hymnals as well any other printed books. I find misprints in digital books and articles. If a human being was involved in the creation of a document, book, newspaper, etc., imperfection is always possible.

  3. Bible typos produced dubious nicknames for some editions. “The Adulterer’s Bible,” also called “The Wicked Bible,” dropped an all-important “not” and commands “Thou shalt commit adultery.” The printer was fined a hefty sum. 😀

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