I learned last week that the standard for what can qualify as a “source” in the newspaper these days has fallen even farther than I thought, when Google Alerts notified me that one of my own posts over at God of Evolution was quoted online by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

False humility aside, it was pretty exciting to see, even if the reporter/blogger, Joel Connelly, did misspell my name (it’s “F-R-A-N-C-K-E”) and slightly misquote my material. What Connelly was discussing was the announcement a couple of weeks ago that Bill Nye (are we really allowed to say his name without adding “the Science Guy” onto the end of it?) would “debate” Ken Ham, a proponent of the supposedly biblical idea that the earth is only a few thousand years old, and founder of the mind-boggling Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky.

I posted a few thoughts on the spectacle, and the portion Connelly quoted from was as follows (copied from the original):

Even the evidence — as powerful as evidence can be — won’t save him, because evidence changes only the minds that are open to it. And those of Ham and his followers are not. They’re not looking for the truth, they just want their truth, and since they firmly believe they’re doing God’s work, they’re really not that interested in anything that contradicts it.

A much larger portion of the same post was also quoted by this piece in the Daily Kos (which, for the record, spelled my name correctly and appears to have copied what I wrote accurately). The Daily Kos author seemed to largely agree with me that the “debate” is probably a mistake on Nye’s part, but evidently, not everyone does.

Just this morning, I had the sincere honor of being quote-mentioned by no less than Andrew Sullivan, a writer for whom I have enormous respect, in his run-down on the matter, which you can find here.

Then there was this (written by a friend of mine), which prompted this, which was followed by this, then this, then this.

Fun stuff. Happy Sunday! Here’s a picture of a squirrel to make you smile:


2 thoughts on “Guess newspapers will quote anybody these days…

    1. I agree. Leaving it off seems like the equivalent of calling President Obama “Barack,” or Larry the Cable Guy “Larry” (or “Daniel,” which is the dude’s real first name).

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