One of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had was my high school biology teacher, whom I will always call Mr. Lord no matter how old I get. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we’ve stayed in touch over the years, and he’s always been a great supporter of mine, for which I’m very grateful. What follows is a comment he posted on my Facebook page after reading my novel, Reoriented.

Tyler, I realized that I haven’t written to you about your book, which I read shortly after it was published. It’s been a busy summer! I typically don’t read much fiction as it is not a genre I prefer, but I make an exception when I know the author. As always, I was greatly impressed by your writing. I loved the book. The characters were so vivid and realistic that I felt like I knew them personally. And the biblical/theological research and reflection you obviously did show the amazing depths of your heart for this sensitive subject. I loved that the book was not “preachy” in any way and was sensitive and fair to differing points of view.

After I read it, I was discussing it with my neighbor and very good friend, Allison Flaherty. Like your character, she also goes by Alli (using the “i” rather than the “y”). Alli, who is my age, recently graduated from theological school, receiving her M. Div. degree. While she was finishing up her studies we had several discussions of the responsibility of Christians to LGBT persons in the church. So your book came out at a very good time, shortly after her graduation. After I read it, I told her about the book, about you and the admiration I have for you. I gave the book high praise and asked if she’d be interested in reading it. She said she would. She took it with her to Maine Medical Center one night when she was on call as a hospital chaplain. She read the whole book that evening. She was blown away by it, as was I. She thought it was so well done that it could have been written by a theologian. It’s hard for both of us to believe that such a wonderfully captivating, sensitive and perceptive novel could have been written by a young man not long out of his teens! She got her own copy of Reoriented, so she can highlight it and take notes for use in her future ministry. She feels it will be ideal for a book discussion group or Bible study in her church. In September, She will become an interim pastor for two churches nearby and then, after ordination, looks forward to having a church of her own.

I thought you would be interested in hearing about this, as you will now know that your book may soon be having an impact in the Greater Portland area! (I’m referring, of course, to the real, original Portland, not the west coast,_Oregon that was named for it!) I know you are busy with that beautiful new daughter, but I hope your mind is already thinking of the sequel to Reoriented! I’m anxious to read what comes next.

See more of what people have to say about Reoriented on its Amazon page.

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