I’ve been a fan of the nerd T-shirt gold mine website TeeFury for some time, but I never imagined I might actually be involved in making one. That changed a few weeks ago, when I had this idea for a shirt design combining a famous cover of a Calvin and Hobbes compilation with the Avengers (I had just seen “Age of Ultron” more than once and was probably a little too worked up).

I’m really not much of an artist, which you’ll see for yourself in the link below, but I drew up a concept and floated it by TeeFury just to see if they might be interested. Much to my surprise, they were, and even went so far as to connect me with a real, actual artist (this guy, DJKopet), who not only executed the design but showed me the ropes each step of the way so I could get a feel for what actually goes into making the super-cool shirt that come out of sites like TeeFury.

Anyway, you can read more about the process (and see my rather bland original concept art) in this interview on the TeeFury blog. The much cooler design by DJKopet is available for $11 today only at TeeFury.


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