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A novel about faith, scripture and sexual identity

Inspired by real events, REORIENTED tells the story of D.J. Martinez, a gay Christian student who tries to start a support group for LGBT people at his conservative Bible college. Through dialogue and discord, conflict and friendship, REORIENTED explores the modern-day intersection between evangelical Christianity and sexual identity, and confronts the central question — “Does the Bible really say it’s a sin to be gay?” — from a variety of perspectives.

“With a keen eye to the pain, nuance, and hope of the moment, Tyler Francke uses this fascinating and well-told story to explore the evolving evangelical conversation about same-sex relationships and the dignity of LGBT people. The first novel of its kind, REORIENTED is a welcome and long-overdue contribution that will entertain, enlighten, hearten, and challenge readers regardless of their vantage point and theological presuppositions.”
Tom Krattenmaker, USA Today contributing columnist and author of “The Evangelicals You Don’t Know” and “Onward Christian Athletes”

“REORIENTED opens up a safe conversation on Christianity, sexual orientation and gender identity. This book should be read as part of a group discussion in church-based teen ministries, high school, or college-based gay-straight alliances. Parents who read this book would gain tremendous understanding into the struggles of Christian LGBT teens and their friends who support them.”
Ed Ness, communications director, The Evangelical Network

“Francke avoids easy answers; this novel is an invi­ta­tion to think about our posi­tions and pre­sup­po­si­tions and to care­fully con­sider the con­se­quences of our beliefs. It’s a start­ing point, not an end­ing.”
Dan Wilkinson, blogger

“[O]ne thing is for certain, both nonbelievers and believers alike will find REORIENTED a spirited and delightful work that confronts long and deeply held beliefs regarding homosexuality head-on.”
Race Hochdorf, blogger and skeptic

“Loosely based on actual events, REORIENTED is a moving story that challenges the assumptions of believers and skeptics alike and shows each of us the common humanity we share with both friends and enemies.”
David Ozab, freelance writer and author

REORIENTED is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and the TouchPoint Press bookstore!

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