My faith: My somewhat nontraditional views on evolution notwithstanding, I consider myself a pretty conservative evangelical Christian. Faith is a simple proposition for me: I believe God is good and that he is love, and for whatever reason he chose to reveal himself to selfish sinners like me. Verses I try to live and write by are 1 Corinthians 14:20 and 16:13, 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and James 1:19-20.

My work: I’m a staff writer for the Woodburn Independent and Pamplin Media Group, as well as a blogger at I’m also a contributor for Relevant, The Biologos Forum, Venn Magazine and the Sojourners blog God’s Politics. My work as a print journalist has been seen in The Oregonian, the Portland Tribune, the Associated Press, The Newberg Graphic, the Branson Tri-Lakes News, the Bangor Daily News and The Maine Campus. Writing’s my main game these days, but in the past I’ve enjoyed a few photography and design gigs as well. My first novel, REORIENTED, is due out by TouchPoint Press later this year.

My family: I’m married to my best friend and live on farm outside Portland that’s infested with sheep.