I was born at a very early age. As the years passed, I became older and older. My dream was to become a professional basketball player. That didn't work out, but most other things have. I have a very cool job, I live in a beautiful place and I get to write every day. God … Continue reading About


REORIENTED A novel about faith, scripture and sexual identity Inspired by real events, REORIENTED tells the story of D.J. Martinez, a gay Christian student who tries to start a support group for LGBT people at his conservative Bible college. Through dialogue and discord, conflict and friendship, REORIENTED explores the modern-day intersection between evangelical Christianity and … Continue reading Books

The curious case of sink drips ‘n’ plungin’

What images does the phrase “home ownership” bring to mind? If you are an aspiring homeowner, it is probably something like this: A grinning husband with perfect teeth strides toward the “For Sale” sign in his new front yard and self-assuredly affixes across it a bold, red “SOLD” sticker. Later, in the enclosed back yard, … Continue reading The curious case of sink drips ‘n’ plungin’