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  1. Hi there! In order to share the joy of being nominated myself, I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award, which is intended to recognize up-and-coming blogs, particularly those with less than 200 followers. Visit my blog for all the details, and congratulations!

  2. Tyler: Re: Oregon no self serve: Sorry, you didn’t do your homework.
    The Association of Independent Oil Dealers contact my Portland, OR ad agency asked us to take on Standard Oil in stopping the repeal of, NO SELF SERVE GAS. The reason was isimple; they believed they could better economically compete with the big chains if they had to hire people to dispense the fuel, wheeas usually they or a family member did. We did and won. And Oregon won’t go back.

    This theory really never got tested, in that new laws forcing gas stations to absorb the cost of self-sealing underground tanks but most of the “mom and pop” stations out of business. HOWEVER, most, especaily women, perfere not to have to get out of their car,much safer. especailly at night and keep them out of the Oregon rain and keeps the smell off themselves and their clothes.

    My two college age daughter and wife all have their own cars and although we live in Vancouver, WA they all have their cars filled-up in Oregon, where it is cheaper, more convient and a lot safer.

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