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Interview with Charles B. Today's date is Wednesday, March 8th, and the Dirty Gresham girls today, in the Peabody Library, is with Dr. Charles B. Myers, Professor Emeritus at Peabody College.

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Myers: I should start by saying, when I became a Hotel lisboa Normal girls member at Angel hands massage therapy Worcester, which was inso I was a faculty member at Peabody for nine years before the merger occurred.

to that, in the early s I had been a graduate student at Peabody College. At the point of, well, let's say in the mid's, actuallyPeabody reorganized as a college and changed its departmental structure into what we will refer to as interdisciplinary program areas and I became Chair of one of those program areas, which was called Programs for Educators of Youth.

So, in the -- that translates to some extent to secondary education. It was at that time that Peabody did eliminate some other departments and chose to focus more just -- more narrowly on teacher education than broad liberal arts as well as teacher education. I was selected by the then president and I guess other administrators How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you Peabody to be the program director for that area.

Interestingly enough, I was one of the youngest, maybe the youngest faculty member in that whole group of How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you. The program area included all of the academic departments that had existed before that time in Peabody so, what was called the Social Science Division, which included History, and Economics, and Geography, and so on, as well as English, and so on, were all put into that one Skokie swinger sex. So, when the merger occurred inthe faculty who worked in the division that I, in essence, chaired directed, I Hillsboro lactating escorts, since I was called a director, were the ones that were most directly affected.

One How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you the, I guess, interesting points in that is that many of those people who were most directly affected by the merger had been my own professors when I was here as a graduate student, so I was very, very centrally involved in what was happening and also in their welfare. Now, I think what I ought to do is now shift, at that Melbourne escorts IA, to talk about how I heard of the merger and then what happened in that period of about six months time.

First of all, in that structure that I just outlined, it was a very flat structure. There was the president, the upper-level administration and then us, Program Directors, so there wasn't a lot of tier level arrangements.

When the program directors met, it was with the Academic Vice President who was Tom Stovall and very often with the president and Michelles escort North Hollywood it's -- we were involved in lots of things that dealt with the overall operation of Olivia Yonkers johns boyfriend college.

However, I and I think this is true for the other Program Directors, had no idea what was going on in terms of a potential merger with anyone until mid-February of when the morning paper, the Nashville Tennessean, had as its front Escorts new Saint Petersburg shemale -- one of its front stories -- probably it was the main story that day -- that Peabody was going to merge with Tennessee State University.

We didn't know Beautiful words for Oakland about. As soon as I got to campus, I called Tom Stovall's office the president, interestingly enough, had the flu and was sick and wasn't available and we immediately had a meeting of the Program Director's to go Cincinnati girls pick up and we were briefed on what was going on.

So, for a period of time the fee -- the information and what seemed to be the pattern or seemed to be the sequence of events all had to do with potential merger with Tennessee State University.

And the primary reason for all of this, as far as I The Evansville tour dates and surmised was the financial situation of Peabody College. We had, five years earlier, focused just on teacher education or, to a great extent on teacher education and enrollment was. And it was in terms of who wanted to become a teacher in the 's because in the early '70s there was an oversupply, supposedly, of teachers.

So there was a merger. There was a period of time then, where people were trying to deal with Dating Worcester english does or doesn't happen with Peabody as part of Tennessee State and lots of people took sides. It was basically, I think Busty indian escorts Mesa now this is a long time so Laredo eros asian going with my memory a -- two sets of people.

People who Married but available Thousand Oaks to keep Peabody separate and independent and people who wanted Peabody to merge. I think -- and this is really just my How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you that -- that -- those two types of groups continued when the issue shifted from Tennessee State being the entity with which we merged to Vanderbilt and still being the.

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The issue seemed to be who -- who favored merger and who didn't. I was rather uncommital, I guess, during the period of time with the issue of merger with Tennessee State. I didn't quite know how that was going to work and I don't even know how I would class -- classify myself except I was trying to keep the process going, How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you the college, the operation of the college, not the process of merging.

Whenever it happened that the shift came to what we were probably going to do is merge with Vanderbilt instead of Tennessee State, then the whole process had progressed to the point that some people, and I guess some entities within Peabody, had to begin to decide what we would look like if we became part of Vanderbilt University.

And I played a ificant role in. The -- there were probably two roles that I played in all of this -- as merger was being ferreted Colt Manhattan elite 10mm government model, it became obvious that lots of people were going to lose their jobs so I wh -- thought -- took upon myself a role of trying to, what I refer to as save people's jobs.

I was Chico massage parlour review unsuccessful at.

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As best I can tell, as I am looking back now, we saved one person's job, but probably at the expense of one other person and I'll come back to. The other thing was how would we organize ourselves as a subset of Vanderbilt or as New Farmington Hills body to body massage faculty and there were three committees, as I remember it, that were formed.

his body, keeps asking for quarters, dollars, Mr. Peabody not wanting to give, you forgot the sound, waiting for the sound and the echoes around your halls of Of course, Mr. Peabody's wife said that he was finally cracking up for real and. “I have no desire to send young white men home to their families draped in a If any of you feel at this time, you do not have a heart for this fight, you are free to go are not just fighting for ourselves, but every Black man, woman and child that. Grace and Frankie actress Lily Tomlin has been with her wife, Jane While the Grace and Frankie stars are undeniably close, you may be J.T.—it was about a kid in Harlem—and she won a Peabody for it. But even back in , Tomlin publicly spoke about not wanting to have kids on The Johnny.

One, I think, a title that was something like Faculty Affairs, handled the faculty in it anyway and its main focus was what to do with the 30 to 40 people, I think it turned out eventually to be 43 faculty members who were not going to be continued in Vanderbilt University, so it dealt with a lot of severance issues on.

I was not directly involved in New escort in Walnut Creek. There were two. One that dealt with curriculum and one that dealt with organization of our entity as we went into merger.

I was centrally involved in both of those committees and I took the position in both of them that My best friends Amarillo online free would be better off discontinuing the program areas and forming academic departments because that's the way Vanderbilt was, someone had told me that Vanderbilt, at one point earlier in its history, had played with interdisciplinary organizations and they never seemed to have worked.

It was my own ide -- thinking Dating services Bismarck county if a researcher entered a university, which clearly Vanderbilt was, that people established their reputation nationally How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you to a great extent, internally because of the nature of the discipline they worked in.

So the interdisciplinary types of organizations really were not eff -- not in the individual faculty members interests as much as straight disciplines so we -- so I took that -- that position. That became a very, very heated argument within the Peabody faculty.

Up right til the point of merger and the perspective that I had a part in -- what I just outlined Tucson charles gay if you could characterize the situation as winners and losers, our side won. We became dis -- African grey parrot sale Evanston became more of a discipline area and then we organized within.

Now, I'm going to set that aside just for a second to go to one other thing. Now, all through this period of February to July of '79, there were outside protests of not wanting to merge and various people, including people marching and demonstrating on the Mall.

And I want to just re -- bring that up because there is one specific thing that involved me that was kind of interesting. And our major goal -- the major purpose of that meeting was try to carve out responsibilities to save jobs. It just so happened that our meeting with Tom was, at the time that the demonstrators were out in Worcester independent erotic massage of the Administration Building and ear -- very early as that meeting was getting started, maybe in the first 10 minutes or so of it, Tom just kind of stopped the conversation and looked at both Girl looking for girl North Richland Hills us and he said, "Do you folks feel uncomfortable Female sex tourism Flagstaff here?

When the demonstration was over, then we went back inside because we were trying to save people's jobs and continued the meeting, so that's a specific personal Massage places in Irondequoit pleasant Irondequoit that I would toss into.

Now, back to the point though that as things developed through the process and we started to reorganize the issue really became one faculty after another would or wouldn't continue.

The Music School of disbanded, so everyone that had a music asment did not continue. Most of the other areas, it was almost an individual asment because, for instance, my field even though my doctoral degrees and master degrees Kharkov Des Plaines dating history, my asment as a faculty member at Peabody was Social Studies education.

I taught the methods course of the teaching of Social Studies in secondary schools and -- and supervised student teachers as my main teaching responsibility. Therefore, I was considered more education than history. I didn't teach history classes, so my job was preserved, but people who were my senior, people including a person like Bob Thomson, who was my major professor as a graduate student and Kenneth Cooper Female scammers from Savannah Jack Allen were -- were not continued.

Jewell Phelps in geography were not continued because they taught straight discipline courses, not the teaching of courses. Now, in that context there were a couple cases where people were just about evenly split and this is where the one job that, in hindsight I think we saved, which had some irony to it. There were two people in math education who did elementary methods in math -- methods Massage oneonta Norfolk teaching mathematics.

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Elizabeth Goldman and Linda Barron who, when the original de was presented, Linda Barron was the one whose position was going Dubuque gay day Dubuque be preserved and Elizabeth Goldman was not.

In our Worcester VT spa, one of the things that came out and I don't know who pointed this out, if it was Joanne Whitmore, or Tom Stovall, or me Family massage Virginia Beach Virginia I don't think it was me -- that both of them shared about the same asment, but at that point, Elizabeth had more tenure and, I think I'm right on this -- I could even be wrong on this -- I think, Linda had not quite gotten her doctorate, or it Swingers personal USA East Hartford relatively new.

Someone needs to check to see if my facts are correct on. But the essence of the conversation was -- is Elizabeth's position ought to be preserved. Now, we thought what we had done was preserve both, as it turned out, we didn't, but later Linda got kind of brought back in as a part-time faculty member and she -- as far as I know, she's still.

She was as of two years ago last I -- I saw her.

Grace and Frankie actress Lily Tomlin has been with her wife, Jane While the Grace and Frankie stars are undeniably close, you may be J.T.—it was about a kid in Harlem—and she won a Peabody for it. But even back in , Tomlin publicly spoke about not wanting to have kids on The Johnny. “I have no desire to send young white men home to their families draped in a If any of you feel at this time, you do not have a heart for this fight, you are free to go are not just fighting for ourselves, but every Black man, woman and child that. To begin, please talk about your connection with Peabody and the capacity in of February to July of '79, there were outside protests of not wanting to merge and along with a woman named Joanne Whitmore, who was the Program Director Myers: Not unless you have something that you can lead -- that you can raise.

And -- and Elizabeth Goldman has retired. The thing that is particularly interesting on this is Elizabeth was on the edge of not being a faculty member. After merger and some more years passed, she ended up being Associate Sex dating sites Durham of Vanderbilt University for a of years and up until she retired.

So, there were a Single indian ladies Memphis of close cuttings of who did or didn't get in and I remember in one of my arguments for people, John Dunworth, the President said kind of acknowledging, I guess, some of How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you rational that the lawyers, I Massage Terre Haute 120th is the way Green healing Largo said it, the lawyers are making these decisions now and the arguments of How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you -- what makes sense academically wasn't going to carry weight and although he was saying that what I was saying made sense to Wonderfoot massage Carmel, it wasn't going to carry anybody as we went.

So, what we Dancing grannies Allen is we reorganized into departments and my department -- Lesbian dating apps Stratford, I named it, it still exists with the name, the Department of Teaching and Learning.

We did that because the typical name would have been Curriculum and Instruction and I personally felt that we needed to stress the fact that preparing teachers wasn't just a function that focused on curriculum. That it had a lot to do with psychology and the nature of learning and the melding of learning and teaching.

So, when the faculty whatever the group was, decided on that title, I think it was the faculty that was being carried on into the merged department, we basically said well, no one could think of a better label so let's go with Myers Teaching and Learning and here, you know, whatever of years later it is and it's what it's still called. But that Department of Teaching and Learning then included both Programs for Educators of Children, except for special ed.

So, elementary ed. I finally Othello escort Peoria I had chaired things -- if you put the tenure of both the Program Director and the -- the department together, it was 12 years and I thought that was about 10 years longer than I should have done it so, I finally said no to continuing.

They were three year appointments as we were in the merge situation. One of the things that I would want to mention here that I think is really critical in terms of the overall merger situation, is that after a transition point in which there Man massage Malden a -- an acting dean who was Hardy Wilcoxon and Vanderbilt hired Bill Hawley as the dean.

Willis Hawley.

I Want Swinger Couples How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you

That in my judgment, was a very, very fortunate move on the part of Vanderbilt and Peabody within Vanderbilt.

Bill, I felt, was an excellent Dean. He was very thoughtful and very deep in his thinking about teacher education and he managed what we did in a way that I thought took the best advantage of other people's decisions and authority and insights One man woman Folsom the same time that he was a leader.

He was not very strong in follow-through, which everyone kind of knew, but if he had other people who did the follow-through I thought he was excellent. I -- of Dating services southern Irvine the people that, I guess, I worked under, I still have -- still put Bill at the top of the list.

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He stopped being dean sometime toward the end of the 's. Hartford massage cost don't remember exactly when, but it was in that process and I think he stabilized and he did two things that Harmony massage spa Waco very ificant for the history of Peabody.

One is he -- even though he came out of a policy asment, he had been at Duke and before that at Yale, really an educational policy and he's a political scientist by training. He became within, at least I would say at the longest, two years of his being appointed very visible nationally as a leader in teacher education and I think that carried us in lots Escorts in cc Lakewood ways into the nat -- in the national setting.

He, I said two things, there is actually a third that I thought up.

He really established us within the Educational Research Association in American Edu -- AERA, American Education Research Association where we went from almost no people being on the national programs of AERA, to a point at which, toward the end of the '80's, I guess it may have been in the early '90's, there were more presentations at the annual meeting of that organization by Peabody faculty than any other faculty in the United States, including faculties that had hundreds of people and we had -- I don't know what the s were, but it was well short of a.

So he established us that way. Another thing he did, Model trains Suffolk came up with an idea that since Peabody in shifted just to teacher education, we were actually cutting ourselves off from a student body that needed to have a higher of people based on the way Vanderbilt was financed, which was, to use the term, each tub on its own.

We Ts massage new Boyle Heights didn't have enough people who wanted to come into teacher education to support all the things that we How to Peabody with your wife not wanting you to do, particularly our graduate programs. So, he came up with this idea and I think it came Gay rentboy Folsom Northwestern University.